Finally the elegant evolution of traditional trays. Diamante isothermal containers, with heat-sealed film and internal lid, are made of high-density expanded PS to optimize product conservation, both during transport and in the freezer. The particular shape makes the containers very easy to fill and pack in the ice cream parlor, making it easy to divide the flavors. Finally, the particular aesthetics of the tray embellishes the moment of consumption at the table.

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Diamante KT 0,5
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
414.110.001 Bianco
Diamante KT 0,75
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
414.110.002 Bianco
Diamante KT 1
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
414.110.003 Bianco
Diamante KT 1,5
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
414.110.004 Bianco