Erremme was born in Foligno in 1985, with a first line of polystyrene containers for ice cream. Over the years the range of products has been expanded with the creation of a huge number of items for ice cream, pastry, cafeteria and food in general, so much so that we can offer the most complete range of products offered by a single company, in order to optimize the service to its customers. The imagination and creativity of the company team have contributed to the development of innovative patented items to improve the packaging both in terms of image and practicality and elegance. All supported by specialized technicians and equipment with cutting-edge technologies. In order to maintain the absolutely ITALIAN identity of the ice cream and pastry shop that has conquered the world, all our products are strictly MADE IN ITALY; also for this reason the quality of our articles maintains a very high standard, in compliance with the hygienic-sanitary regulations and the protection of work and workers. We are present with a widespread network of agents and distributors both in Italy and in the main European countries and various distributors and customers in almost all over the world.

ERREMME Srl has always had the goal of satisfying its customers, in terms of the quality of the products and services provided, placing itself as a reliable partner for:
Design and marketing of food and non-food packaging.
The Management recognizes the need to understand the internal and external context in which it operates, as well as the needs of all relevant interested parties to establish and maintain a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 useful for continually improving the organization and respond quickly and promptly to market changes.

Thanks to this policy, ERREMME confirms its commitment to:

– Improve the image of the company;
– Adopt a risk-based approach to business management;
– Promote adaptation to the evolution of laws, regulations and good practice rules;
– Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes;
– Develop a relationship of collaboration, based on trust, both internally and with customers and suppliers;
– Continuously improve the performance of the quality management system;
– Detect customer satisfaction with periodic surveys, using the results as ideas for constant improvement;

The Management is aware that this policy requires constant commitment from all operational staff, and that it can only be successfully achieved through a systematic approach to quality issues.
The company believes that its company collaborators are the main resource available, therefore, the only way forward is the one that provides for their full involvement.
The top management firmly believes in this and is committed to spreading and promoting quality in the organization.

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