Cups for ice cream and desserts.
The bright colors and the refined design characterize and distinguish the point of sale and offer important functional and aesthetic advantages for ice cream makers.
All cups are also equipped with convenient rounded lids for take-away.

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Kristal Cup Bio 80
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.040.080 Panna
B250.080.080 Azzurro
Kristal Cup Bio 100
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.100 Panna
B250.040.100 Nocciola
Kristal Cup Bio 130
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.130 Panna
B250.040.130 Pistacchio
Kristal Cup Bio 160
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.040.160 Panna
B250.080.160 Azzurro
Kristal Cup Bio 200
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.200 Panna
B250.040.200 Azzurro
Kristal Cup Bio 250
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.250 Panna
B250.040.250 Pistacchio
Kristal Cup Bio 350
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.040.250 Panna
B250.080.250 Pistacchio
Kristal Cup Bio 450
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.450 Panna
B250.040.450 Pistacchio
Kristal Cup Bio 550
Cod. Color Data sheet
B250.110.550 Panna
B250.040.550 Pistacchio
Coperchi kristal cup bio trasparenti
Cod. Color Data sheet
B240.040.080 Trasparente
B240.040.100 Trasparente
B240.040.130 Trasparente
B240.040.160 Trasparente
B240.040.200 Trasparente
B240.040.250 Trasparente
B240.040.350 Trasparente
B240.040.450 Trasparente
B240.040.550 Trasparente