Line of cups, particularly suitable for use with yogurt and soft ice.
The particular shape of the upper part of the cup is, in fact, perfect for holding sauces and decorations without letting them come out.
All the bowls are equipped with transparent domed lids, perfect for allowing the removal of particularly tall and decorated ice cream or yoghurt.

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Yo Cup Bio 100
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
B230.040.100 Nocciola
Yo Cup Bio 160
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
B230.040.160 Pistacchio
Yo Cup Bio 200
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
B230.040.200 Panna
Coperchi yo cup bio trasparenti
Codice Colore Scheda Tecnica
B240.040.200 Trasparente
B240.040.250 Trasparente
B240.040.350 Trasparente